To speak about my work, I would use the words space and silence:    

- These paintings were built in the silence of my workshop. I remained a long time with “black”. Not the black of blackness or ordeal, but the black which is for me the core from which emanates the color. This black was coated with silence.

- with regard to space, it is for me what gives rise to the form, this moment of delicate passage, between what is almost born and what has been.  

In this interval between space and silence, in a sober attitude, my painting is at the same time figurative and abstract. The object becomes a pretext for a movement, a presence. That results in oil glazes for subtle effects, or more assertive work with the knife to accentuate a feature, a form. 

What is sought, expected, hoped for by the artist; who does not wish to impose, is a request that one lets himself be brought to discover it - this inexpressible which resides between the keys of color like silence between notes of music. 

There is nothing to interpret, simply to let oneself be penetrated as if the canvas had something to say to us. 

This inexpressible touches on space, silence and what is difficult to express with words.